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    Viadrina MBA

    2009 European University Viadrina Essay Contest

    Win a scholarship for the MBA - Management for Central and Eastern Europe!
    Topic: Overcoming Cultural Barriers in the European Union - a Challenge or a Dream?

     The European Union with its 27 member countries is unique in the world. 23 different languages and even more cultural shapes strive to become one "European Community". Will this ever work out or will it remain a dream?




    Who can take part?
    Residents of Europe with at least three years of working experience and university degree. Please check the basic requirements of the study on our website: www.mba-cee.com

    What can you win?
    The winner will be awarded a scholarship for the MBA - Management for Central and Eastern Europe worth €14.500. In addition the best article will be published by the regional media partner.

    How to take part?
    Send your essay of max. 5 pages (Font 12, single-spaced) to: mba@euv-frankfurt-o.de. The deadline is October 20th 2009. The essays will be evaluated by experts of the MBA Team and European University Viadrina. The results will be published on the website of the MBA Program within 14 days after the deadline.

     What is the Viadrina MBA?
    The international accredited MBA program - Management for Central and Eastern Europe is designed for young professionals who want to study while staying in the job. The participants attend 9 intensive on-location instruction weeks over an 18 month period. Faculty includes experienced senior managers, consultants of international companies and top academics. Each class consists of only 25 carefully selected students, representing between 7 and 13 different European nations. For more information go online: www.mba-cee.com.

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