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Mariusz Szelachowski, Business Director at Midroc Alucrom:

I came into the Executive MBA Poznań-Atlanta program after more than ten years of professional experience including leadership roles in North America (US-based), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Working in very different geography many different challenges, with a diverse group of people. I want to continue my development towards general management and master business turnaround expertise. 

As I went through the Program, I realized fast it’s is not only about working on knowledge, intellectual skill but about personality development as well. 

On top of that a unique opportunity to meet an incredible and diverse group of people, build lifetime relations with classmates from various sectors, international and domestic lecturers, executives from worldwide-known companies, and venture capitals. Two years full of group sessions, cases and workshops, international travels, and a number of fun evenings. All to support executive mindset development – strategic management including crisis management, public speaking followed by finance, economics, law, marketing, operations, and aspects of people in the organization.

Personally, holding business responsibilities, the MBA program helped me become more successful. Only in the first two years after graduation by leveraging my experience and what I’ve learned, skills I’ve developed I was able to support my organization in significant profitability increase.

Actually, the Executive MBA Poznan-Atlanta program is a really meaningful experience helping me become a more well-rounded business person. 

Agnieszka Kozłowska, Head of Non-Fuel Retail in Central and Eastern Europe, Shell:

I graduated from Executive MBA Poznań-Atlanta program in 2017. Choosing studies, I wanted to enlarge my knowledge on Corporate Finance and Strategic Management of the Business. Both areas were important for me to reinforce my multiannual experience in marketing.  

Poznań-Atlanta program was perfectly addressing my needs when it comes to the content and studies organization. It was for me not only financial, but also time investment. These 2 years were challenging as I was managing 3 key areas in my life: intense professional career, studies (with travelling from Wrocław to Poznań) and family time.

Now afterwards I can say, that it was the investment, which paid back very fast bringing competencies development as well as professional advancement. MBA broadened my perspective and earlier interest in marketing area transformed into the interest in general business management.

MBA graduation was the beginning of my further professional career. With very good theoretical knowledge and ability to put it into practice I have started to achieve next successes. During studies I was promoted twice in my previous company and just after the graduation, after 10 years in one organization, I moved to other job in a new sector – Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Retail. After very intensive 1,5 year I moved to Retail part of Shell (Royal Dutch Shell PLC) business in CEE region as Head of Non-Fuel Retail for 7 countries. On this position I am also leading one of global strategic project.

Besides valuable knowledge and broader perspective I gained new friends from different cities in Poland, different organizations with different professional background and skills. During 2 years we were able to build solid relationships based on trust in professional and private areas. We exchange experience, key learnings and best practices with each other and we consult many important decisions. With closest friends from MBA we are meeting several times during the year spending great moments together.

Roland Czechmanowski, Financial Director, Member of Board of Directors, MRÓZ SA:

MBA studies teach perfect management of time which should be divided between learning, working, and private life. The time you devote to the classes is not wasted. The lecturers show how to use the knowledge acquired in practice. Thanks to this knowledge one get a wider look at how to solve problems at work. The MBA studies make it possible to establish many interesting contacts that facilitate the functioning of the market. Poznan-Atlanta MBA studies are an investment in yourself resulting in extended knowledge, contacts with people, and possibly a lucrative job.

Leszek Jarosz, Ph.D., President, Sales Company US and Canada, DeLaval Inc.:

[Having working in a multinational company for a few years, I realized that my further development wa... ...] Out of many MBA offers I selected the program at the University of Economics in Poznan because I wanted to obtain a diploma issued by a well-known university. This year I have been appointed managing director and chairman of the board. At present I cannot imagine managing the company without the knowledge provided by MBA. Above all, the program of studies covered all the areas necessary to understand operating of an enterprise in its micro and macro environment. Moreover, I was able to gain a
profound insight into the functioning of a firm both in its legal , economic and sociological aspects. Being an academic teacher with professional experience of over 10 years, I truly appreciate the selection of the teaching staff on MBA Poznan - Atlanta courses [...]

Wojciech Parchem, opera singer, international specialist, The Warsaw Chamber Opera:

Starting the MBA studies might seem a controversial stage on the path of career development of an op... Starting the MBA studies might seem a controversial stage on the path of career development of an opera singer... However, looking back as a graduate from the MBA course, I can say that it was one of the best decisions in my life. [...] This program offers insights into the complexity of decision-making processes in an enterprise, presents many factors influencing business success under the market economy, and provides a wide knowledge of the variety of managerial tools. The lecturers attach great importance to teaching the so-called soft managerial skills which are not always easy to define. One of the great advantages of the MBA course is that the classes are conducted in two languages. Thanks to this graduates of the program are prepared to work not only in the Polish but also in a multinational business environment [...].

Program MBA

Executive MBA Poznań-Atlanta
Executive MBA Poznań-Atlanta

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Student XVII Edycji 12 grudnia 2012

Program jest rewelacyjny, ani przez chwilę nie żałuję swojego wyboru i z czystym sumieniem mogę go polecić. Kadra naukowa na najwyższym poziomie, jak również dobór studentów na poszczególne edycje nie jest przypadkowy. Dzięki temu studiowanie na UE oraz uczestnictwo w programie MBA Poznań-Atlanta jest wielką przyjemnością.

Anna Matysek-Jędrych 08 stycznia 2010

Witam, w naszym Programie mamy mniej więcej połowę przedmiotów wykładanych w języku angielskim (przede wszystkim przez wykładowców amerykańskich, brytyjskich, ale również z Irlandii, Hiszpanii i Polski). W takim przypadku wszystkie handouts są również po angielsku, dotyczy to również zaliczenia danego przedmiotu. Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna przeprowadzana jest w języku angielskim, dodatkowo jest również pismeny test sprawdzajacy Państwa znajomość języka. Z uwagi na to, ze wykłady prowadzone są po angielsku, a zatem znajomość języka jest podstawowym warunkiem satysfakcji i osięgnięcia maksymalnych korzysci przez Studentów, nacisk na język jest spory!<br />

Mixon 06 stycznia 2010

Witam, mam pytanie czy podział zajęć pod kątem językowym jest rzezywiście 50 na 50? W jaki sposób to się odbywa, czy wykład i materiały są w języku angielskim? I prosze powiedzieć jaki nacisk kłądzie się na język podczas rozmowy?<br />Pozdrawiam

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